Welcome to the website of The Holy Family & St Ninian

We are a Roman Catholic Parish in the G66 area within the Archdiocese of Glasgow

Parish Priest: Father Stephen Hannah


Social Distancing Update

From Monday 9th August all pews in the Church will be available as we no longer have to be socially distanced; thankfully everyone (whether you have had a previous booking or not) can return to weekly Sunday Mass on 14/15th August.  

Booking is no longer required for any Mass  but, If possible, could you please attend the Vigil/Sunday Mass you previously had a booking for as we are still required to do Track & Trace.  

There will be NO allocated seats—feel free to sit where you like but please be aware that some people may still feel a little nervous about close contact so try to leave some space between family groups.

Altar servers will be welcomed back from Sunday 15th August. 

We still need to sanitise hands and wear a facemask;  pews will continue to be cleaned.

Live Services

Our Church provides the facility to watch services via a live stream on our channel or replay at a later time.
  • To access the live streaming of Mass via the internet channel click here
Streaming of Mass will begin as per the Mass times noted for Week Day & Weekend Services.
Our Church does have the ability to offer a private streaming service for certain services and options can be discussed with the parish.
The Channel to stream the live services is via YouTube and will run on the majority of Internet Browsers and you also do not require a YouTube Account to access. You can also watch this on most Smart TVs.
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